Stranded: Mars One release!

16/09/2015 Mutant Games together with Tama Global and Deep Silver FISHLABS are very proud to announce that Stranded: Mars One for Apple devices has been released worldwide.

We are extra happy because Stranded was featured by Apple in Best New Games of the App Store and right now it's 14th place in the Free Games in USA ranking!


Published by Deep Silver FISHLABS and co-produced with Tama Global.

For more information check the game's section.


Safe: Code Breakers release!

04/05/2015 Mutant Games together with Big Games and Apps to Win are very proud to announce that Safe: Code Breakers for Apple Watch and Apple devices has been released worldwide.
In Safe you take control of Tom, a thief who is specialist in breaking safe's security codes. Steal all you can by solving puzzles that will make you think harder and faster every time.
Is your brain prepared to work under pressure?

For more information check the game's section.


Fist of Jesus for mobiles release!

04/12/2014 Mutant Games with Dear Fear and Apps to Win are very happy to announce that Fist of Jesus: The Bloody Gospel of Judas for mobile devices has been released worldwide for iOS and Android.

Fist of Jesus: The Bloody Gospel of Judas is not only a very similar version of the PC game, it's a really fun beat'em up with super easy to learn control, ready to play wherever you want. Just like your messiah it will be with you wherever you go! And it's free!!!
For more information check the game's section or buy it into your favorite game online store.


Fist of Jesus release!

17/10/2014 Mutant Games with Dear Fear and Apps to Win are very happy to announce that Fist of Jesus: The Bloody Gospel of Judas has been released worldwide for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Fist of Jesus: The Bloody Gospel of Judas is the game adaptation of the award winning short film Fist of Jesus, you can play as Jesus and Judas in crazy beat'em-up action against multiples zombies, collect stuff, upgrade your characters, etc...
For more information check the game's section or buy it into your favorite game online store.


JetBee release!

21/11/2013 Mutant Games Is very proud to announce that JetBee has been released worldwide for Apple devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad). JetBee is a racing game lots of action and cute graphics.
For more information check the game's section and download it for free on the App Store.

If you need some press assets please check our info section to download our press kit.


Mutant Games at E3!

07/06/2013 Mutant Games wil be attending this year's E3 at Los Angeles, EEUU. We'll be giving some very special stickers so if you are lucky you can get one of them.


Happy holidays!

20/12/2012 Mutant Games wishes you a happy holidays and a very happy new year 2013. We have been working very hard this year so please stay tuned for more news to come!


Mutant Games is authorized for Nintendo software development!

07/07/2011 We are very proud to announce that we are now official Nintendo developers for Wii and 3DS! We are looking forward to work with our recently acquired Nintendo license, so that we can bring our games to these amazing platforms. Stay tunned to more information.


Mutant MIX Vol.1: 2x1 Soccer Fever available now!

10/03/2011 Mutant Mix Vol.1 is here! It's a pack of 2 arcade-style soccer games that will keep you on your feet with non-stop fun and excitement: Champion Striker + Go! Go! Soccer. The spirit of soccer is more fun, and more portable, than ever! You can get this incredible bunddle, at reduced price, here.


FVZ update available.

25/02/2011 It has been approved the update 2.2 for Farts VS Zombies, which fixes all crashing problems for any device and for any firmware version that some people were suffering. It also contains a new feature: You can now choose the meal you want from the food belt only by touching it! A cool new movement that makes the game easier and even more fun because give you precise control of your attacks. Working now on Retina Display support. If you have already the game update it here for free.



20/02/2011 We want to thank for the last reviews and good comments about Cell & Love and Farts VS Zombies. Some examples:


"I havent ever played anything quite like this, its an awesome game!" (5/5 stars) - Cell & Love


"One of the best puzzle games on the iPhone that I have seen!" (5/5 stars) - Cell & Love


"Just completed this, and it's awesome! Very original, and I love the quotes between levels!" (5/5 stars) - Cell & Love


"Beyond the game's tacky exterior is an innovative game" (5/5 stars) - Farts VS Zombies


"HAHA This game is a winner! Totally hilarious, great take on the Plants vs. Zombies" (5/5 stars) - Farts VS Zombies


FVZ Wallpapers!

15/02/2011 To celebrate the good vibes about Farts VS Zombies, our artist want to share with you some FVZ wallpapers to show off to your friends. Choose your favorite one, they are available in two format sizes. You can get them here.


Cell & Love Lite for Android.

09/02/2011 A Lite version of Cell & Love is available for free at the Market Store for Android, click here to find it. The demo version contains 15 full levels to try. You can get the full version for just $1.

We are receiving really good reviews of our beloved Cell & Love from many Android users. Thank you so much, we really appreciate it!.


Mutant meets Android!

28/01/2011 After many requests from Android users you will finally be able to play our games on Android! The first in being released is Cell & Love, our first iPhone game and one of our favorites. It's already available at the Android Market
Now only $0.99!


FVZ review

28/01/2011 Thanks to iPhoneAlley for his great review of Farts VS Zombies, titled "Everything Wrong With the App Store Done Right". We would like to highlight the last conclusion lines "Instead of using these overused genres that are seen in the app store in the wrong way, the game manages to create a great experience. Though disgusting, it’s endearing and I’d easily consider it an app store gem within its genre." You can read the full review here.

We're working on an update and a Lite version of the game, more news soon.


Farts VS Zombies is finally available on the App Store!

13/01/2011 Mutant Games is proud to announce the release of his new iPhone and iPod Touch game today! Get ready for crazy moments, challenging hordes of zombies, fart combos, car demolition and funny Special Attacks! Farts VS Zombies has both a Survival Mode and a Story Mode and it features Open Feint and Game Center: Beat challenges, win achievements and track your score on the global online leaderboards. You can get this surprising addictive game now on the App Store at only $0.99! Launch offer for limited time only. Do you feel bloated? Play Farts VS Zombies for good digestion!


Happy Holidays!

08/12/2010 Mutant game wishes you a happy holidays! Have a nice Christmas and a happy new year.




Mutant Games team.


Mutant Games developes Molobolos

08/12/2010 Mutant game is developing for iBit a videogame to rehabilitate patients. The project's objetive is to create a system that allows patients to do rehabilitation exercices at home using videogames to stimulate the mobility of specific body parts and cognitive functions. iBit foundation: (not English site)


When you thought
you had seen everything...

28/07/2010 We announce the development of our next incoming game for the iPhone: Farts VS Zombies. It puts together many different elements that have been a hit in the App Store (zombies, farts, drawing mechanics, unicorns, action heroes, tower defenses...) and mixes them into a crude, vulgar, absurd but also a really fun, entertaining game. This is our contribution to the popular Zombie genre and also a kind of criticism, parody and tribute to the App Store. Want to see more? Take a look to the first FVZ trailer!


Champion Striker now available!

16/07/2010 You can now download Champion Striker at iTunes at a launch price of $0.99 (limited time offer)!
Choose Striker or Goalkeeper and become the next World Champion! You can also play in multiplayer against a friend using only one iPhone/iTouch.

If you want to take a look to the game please watch the game's trailer and the game's intro at our YouTube channel.

Also if you go to Champion Striker section you'll find a Music theme to download!, for free!


Go! Go!

16/07/2010 Go! Go! Soccer is a simple and addictive game where you guide a footballer tilting your device to avoid rivals. As soon as anyone plays Go! Go! Soccer, they get hooked forever, everyone can enjoy this game, even if you don't like soccer at all. It's a unique game which delivers a crazy but fun soccer experience.
Thanks to Pocket gamer for the press coverage! and thanks to the more than 65k players that have already download the game! Some of their comments:


"Thus game has it all, addicting game play, rich graphics, and fun sounds." (5/5 stars)


"A fun and addictive pick up and play" (5/5 stars)


"I absolutely love this game." (5/5 stars)


"All-around fun experience." (5/5 stars)


Two New Mutant Soccer Games!

10/06/2010 The World Cup Soccer 2010 is here! We've been working on 2 soccer games to be released very soon: Champion Striker and Go! Go! Soccer. In the first one you can either play as a Striker, flicking the ball to kick, or as the Goalkeeper, tilting the iPhone to save the shots, take a look to the cool illustration for each country. Go! Go! is less serious, more casual, you have to tilt your device to avoid rivals, simple but really fun and addicting. Check the game's sections for more details and screenshots: Champion Striker, Go! Go! Soccer.

Stay tuned for the launching in the next days!


Cell & Love Updated!

31/05/2010 The first Cell & Love update is available right now worldwide in the App Store and is free for customers who have purchased the original game. The game is on sale for a limited time, new players can now purchase Cell & Love for just 99 cents.

To celebrate this upgrade we're giving away two music themes from the game, go to theCell & Love sectionto hear at them!

If you have a blog or website and you want to review the game, contact us and we'll send you a Promo Code.

Thanks for spreading the love!


Mutant Christmas to everyone!

24/12/2009 We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and the best wishes for the New Year!

Sing hey! Sing hey!
For Christmas Day;
Twine mistletoe and holly.
For a friendship glows
In winter snows,
And so let's all be jolly!
~Author Unknown


Players talk about Cell & Love

24/12/2009 People around the world (USA, Spain, Russia,...) seem to agree on one thing: Cell & Love rules!. Our game has many 5 stars reviews, here you can see some examples:

"Great fun, lovely presentation and addicting gameplay." (5/5★)
"Easy to learn and fun mechanics, through a very nice minimal electronic music." (5/5★)
"Great game !! Love the concept." (5/5★)
"I love it, my mother likes it, everyone likes it! Just a super puzzle! :)” (5/5★)

Thanks for Reviewing!

During Christmas you can find Cell & Love in the App Store at only $0,99!



Cell & Love: The Fun of Fusion has been released today!

02/11/2009 Cell & Love: The Fun of Fusion has been released today! It is a puzzle game with a new gameplay based on merging cells, check the Games section to know more. Cell & Love is now available on the App Store at only $1.99! You can also buy it on iTunes.
This is our first game and we are really satisfied of the result. We've try to create something fresh, we hope people will love the game as much as we have appreciated to work on it! Thanks For Playing!.


Our first game is out!

02/11/2009 Hey! Our first game Cell & Love: The Fun of Fusion has been finally released and to celebrate it we have prepared a Cell & Love wallpaper. You can download it in the games section. We wanna thanks all people that supported us all this time and to you for your interest. Thank you!


Welcome to our new website!

01/10/2009 Our redesigned web site features clearer navigation and looks nicer. We have add new information about our projects, so make sure that you check the Games section :-)
As you can see, you can also follow us at Facebook and Twitter.
The next month is going to be exciting for us, we are planning to launch our first game, we will announce the official release date very soon.
Until next time, enjoy the new site! Your thoughts about it are welcome.


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