Stranded: Mars ONE.

◦ Platform: iOS devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad), Android.
◦ Genre: Runer/Platformer.
◦ Release date: Available now for iOS, soon for Android.
◦ Price: Free!

◦ Published by Deep Silver. Developed for Tama Games.

A mission to Mars. Something goes wrong and you end alone on that desert planet, struggling to survive on extreme conditions, running trough dangerous environments searching for little precious bottles of oxygen that keep you alive. No one can help you and it seems that every communication is lost.
But there is something strange in there: it seems there was someone else before you landed. Does that mean that there can be a hope at the end of the road?

-40 levels full of traps and secrets.

-Unlockable characters based on real astronauts.

-Upgradeable skills.

-Ghost mode: record your best runs.

-Multiplayer: send and receive duels from your friends.






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