◦ Platform: iOS devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad), soon for Android Devices
◦ Genre: Racing/Family.
◦ Release date: Out now!
◦ Price: Free!

In JetBee, players compete in go-up races, controlling Bimmy, a bee with a jetpack.

You can play alone or against up to eight participants in more than 20 courses on wild multiplayer modes!

Get your rivals out of your way catching and using special items placed on the courses: Speed boost flowers, poison grenades, M'Fly the bodyguard fly,...

Wanna take a break of racing? Design your own home and share it with your friends, visit their houses, rate them, play special challenges and get special prizes!

◦ SPECIAL ATTACKS: Super Honey, Ticks, Spider Webs,... GET them all!
◦ 5 different cups to unlock, compete and get prizes.
◦ On-line Multiplayer Mode: MAKE 'EM EAT DUST!
◦ Level up your bee and improve your Jetbee and BEE THE FASTEST!
◦ Global and local LEADERBOARDS.
◦ Share content with your FACEBOOK friends.
◦ Home Sweet Home Mode to create YOUR OWN BEE HOUSE!
◦ BONUS STAGES: Pick all the diamonds and coins!
◦ Vending Machine, Challenges, Achievements, Bee Cinema and MUCH MORE!


Available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod & iPad).

Very soon for Android Devices. Stay tuned!





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