Go! Go! Soccer: Run Run Run!

◦ Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch
◦ Genre: Sports/Arcade
◦ Release date: Buy it now!
◦ Price: $0.99 / £ 0.59 / €0.79

In Go! Go! Soccer, you guide a footballer tilting your device to avoid rivals coming from everywhere to stop you, and always finding the best path to reach the goal. Use the sprint in hard situations, but watch your stamina or you´ll get caught! Pick-up and use items and power ups like a "Mario Star" and if you see a team mate pass the ball!

Laugh with pleasure as you stamp on your rivals and live the excitement of dodging dangers on the go: The Fun of Soccer!


TACKLES, walls, blocking and red cards.
CRUSH annoying rivals with the SuperStar Power Up.
Mud puddles!
SPRINT ability (use at your own risk)
Bald referees!
PASS the ball to a team mate
Global and local LEADERBOARDS
Challenge friends
ACHIEVEMENTS. Gotta Unlock 'Em All!
Submit score to Facebook & Twitter


How to play:
Tilt to move left or right. Touch the Sprint button to go faster. Touch a team mate to pass the ball


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