Cards, Girls and Fantasy

◦ Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch
◦ Genre: Trading Cards Game
◦ Release date: Coming Soon
◦ Price: $ 0.99 / £ 0.59 / € 0.79

In the world of Lazdamia you will find Five different races: Cervrance, lethals and silents, Naya, they control the nature, Durom, in the North, Humans, brave warriors and Michino, experts on the magic. You will have to know in-depth your characters in order to face your enemies and be the first in the Fame Rank. The time is also important in Lazdamia, the world changes depending on the hour and date, stay alert and find out all the secrets! You can trade your Cards with people around the world and if you have an iPhone you can catch new Girls by taking photos of the real world! Complete your collection before than your friends!

◦ More than 50 different characters on the first edition
◦ Frequent collection expansions
◦ Hundreds of Achievements
◦ Leader boards
◦ Marketplace
◦ Special events
◦ Unique card capture system using the camera
◦ Four different states for each Card.
◦ Unique world and history
◦ Sexy girls drawn by a fine selection of professional illustrators.


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