Colors Rain: World Tour

◦ Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch and Xbox360
◦ Genre: Puzzle-Arcade
◦ Release date: Coming Soon
◦ Price: $ 2.99 / £ 1.79 / 2.39 euros

It's raining colors out there. New York, Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo, Sydney, drops of many colors are falling down around the world. Look at the window. They are bringing color to our world and it's beautiful, nobody has never seen anything like that. But, maybe it is not as good as it seems... strange things are happening to people. Is it radioactive rain? Is it a new weapon of mass destruction? The extraterrestrial? Another government conspiracy? God? You'll never know. This is a game about rain, this is a game about colors. Get ready to chose the correct one.

◦ 3 Game Modes
◦ 12 different cities
◦ 100 survival levels
◦ A lot of fun items
◦ Unlock Postcards

iPhone/iPod ver.

XBOX 360 ver.


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