Brainscrusher 3: Bloody Midnight.

◦ Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.
◦ Genre: Action-Arcade
◦ Release date: 2011.
◦ Price: $ 1.99 / £ 1.19 / 1.59 euros

It's dark in the night, most people in the city is already infected, it's time to clean the streets and look for some survivors. You only need to tilt your device to avoid enemies and take items, then use the weapons that you take against the infected. Did you enjoy Go! Go! Soccer concept? Brainscrusher 3 makes it deeper and funnier!

◦ Missions Mode and Survival Mode.
◦ Lots of deadly weapons and lots of blood.
◦ Mini-moto and other vehicles!

◦ Fat zombies!


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